Ashford e-Spinner


ESP_44Smooth and quiet electric spinner for treadle free spinning.



Ashford e-Spinner

Spin large amounts of yarn, quickly and effortlessly for yourself or a cottage industry with the Ashford e-Spinner.   The  e-Spinner is quiet, convenient and simple to use. No treadling required!

It comes complete with 12 V transformer, interchangeable wall plugs (for New Zealand/Australia, USA/Europe/Japan and UK), jumbo sliding hook flyer, 3 jumbo bobbins and lazy kate with a yarn guide.  It has a silent 12-volt DC 1.25amp 70w motor.  The quiet direct-drive flyer has an infinitely variable speed from 0-1200 rpm so it is suitable for all skill levels.  Hand controls allow you to easily turn the motor off and on, change speed and direction.  The bobbins are quick and easy to change.  Small and portable plus the optional 12v car cord enables you to take the e-Spinner with you when travelling.  The scotch tension system allows all types of yarn to be spun.  It comes assembled and lacquered.

Three large capacity jumbo bobbins are supplied. CE approved.


  • Orifice 15mm (5/8”) plus 10mm (½”) Reducer Bush
  • Motor 12 volt DC 1.25 amp
  • Speed 0-1200 rpm
  • Bobbin capacity 225g (8oz)
  • Power supply 110 – 220 volt
  • Weight 2.8kg (6lb)

Optional 12V Adapter cord for ESP2 (fits into a cigarette lighter)

Additional information

Weight 3 kg


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